Cafe New York

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Absinthe Salon

[image src=”” align=”” width=”655″ height=”280″ title=”Absinthe Salon” url=”#” hover=”1″] Solution: Mobile App...

Top 3 Elements of a Landing Page to Improve Conversion

I had a conversation with a prospective customer today and he said to me that he’s not getting enough inquiries from the websites.

After having a look at his landing page, I could see that there were some fundamental problems, there were some fundamental errors that they are making on their landing page. So I thought I’ll make a video and talk about the three top elements of a landing page that helps conversion.

Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress

Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress When you create your website, the first thing you think about after choosing your domain name and hosting provider is selecting what content management system you are going to use. This content management system is user-friendly,...

Karl Azzi Hairdressers

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