What Does an African Safari and the Content Marketing Process Have in Common?

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Hi, Liza here from contentmaximiser.com. I am here in the beautiful Singita Resort in South Africa and I want to share an experience that I’ve had the last few days as I was going through the safari trip. Going on a safari was like going hunting. Every day you go out there, you drive for hours and hours and hours and you don’t know whether you’re going to see anything.   I remember there was one particular trip that we did, where we drove for so long and it started raining. Actually, it was pouring! The car that we were in, the 4WD that we were in had a rooftop but it was all open space, so as we were driving, you can imagine, rain was going everywhere. We were getting soaked, it was cold, there were flying bugs everywhere. We actually didn’t see that much that day.   But then, the next morning, when we went on another safari trip, we saw a massive lion! She was just resting by the tree and I’m going to show you photos of what we saw that trip.


Now, in these few days, we ended up seeing animals such as hippos, lions, and waterbucks. What else did we see? We saw amazing looking birds, zebras, giraffes, and elephants that were only three meters away. It was definitely a memorable experience.   As I was sitting in the car getting really cold and getting really wet, doubting whether we were going to see any cool, exotic animals, it actually reminded me of the content marketing process.   The time that you put in, creating content, creating videos, making podcasts, and you just think, all this effort that I’m putting in, is it going to get me anywhere?   Well, you’ve got to understand, that, with content marketing, you need to put in the time and energy and it has this snowball effect. Initially, it might appear like there’s nothing. But over time, when you put your content out there to the right places, it will drive traffic back to your site.   What you need to focus on, is constantly focusing on providing value to your target audience that’s going to help them to achieve their outcome. When you keep putting all this high quality content out there, eventually it’s going to get paid off.   On this video, I’m going to show you some pictures that we have taken from this trip and I hope that you’ll enjoyed it. My name is Liza from contentmaximiser.com. I will see you at the next video.

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