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Liza here from Today I want to share with you another analogy that I’ve learned between going on a safari and content marketing.

As we went out into the wilderness with our guide, we asked him how long did it take for the animals to get used to the car, to the vehicle, so they don’t run away? And they told us that it actually took them a few years for that to happen because the land that they are on has never been touched by humans before.


As a result, what happened was that as the vehicle approached, the cats, the big cats and the animals would run away. If you want to go on a safari, it’s not going to be very helpful since you don’t get to see the animals because they’re all be running away from you. What I have learned is they have invested time and patience to slowly approach the animals and you just stay there and the animals will watch you from afar.


Over time, they will get used to you, and then they might get curious and they will come closer to the vehicle. Eventually they’ll get to a point, which is where they’re at now, where after many years, the big cats are so comfortable, that even when the vehicles approach, they will just continue laying there, sleeping, as if we’re nothing. This is really incredible, the opportunity to get so close to wild animals, like the lions, the leopards and the cheetahs.


This is really very similar to content marketing. As you’re creating content, and you’re putting it out there, people might come to your website and then they bounce off. No one is really paying attention. But as you focus on putting high quality content that is going to provide value to your prospects, to your target market, eventually, they’re going to start checking out, paying attention to what you’re talking about. They’re going to start getting comfortable with you.


You start to become a trusted advisor. Eventually, they will see you as an authority figure. But most importantly, is that they’ll get comfortable with you, so that when they’re ready for services that your company offers, you become the first one that they think of because they trust you, and that is what content marketing is. It’s that you want to put valuable information out there that people begin to trust you, they take advice from you, and eventually, they want to use your service.


This is one of the things that I have learned from this beautiful country and I hope that you found this useful. So, my name is Liza from and I’ll see you at the next episode.


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