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In the content delivery department, more and more business owners are becoming aware of the potential of using digital content to deliver their message and increase their brand awareness. Find out one of the most effective ways to ensure that your customers will be able to benefit from the content you created for them.



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In today’s free tip:
00:19 – Introduction
00:44 – How to ensure that your customer’s won’t miss out or feel left out on a very important content
01:30 – 1, 2, 3 and record!
01:44 – Today’s action

Liza here with another digital marketing tip from Today, we are going to give you another content creation idea from ther day to day running of your business. Very often we run webinars and we do PowerPoint presentations, so it is a very good idea to actually record your webinar so that you can use it in the future.

What happens if you have got people who cannot attend your webinar, so does it mean that they miss out? What if you have that content recorded so that you can then put it on your website, put it on your internet so that they can get back to it in the future.

Let’s just say if you don’t run webinars but you do PowerPoint presentations. Well, you can also record a PowerPoint presentation and then once again save that as a video and then you’ll be able to use that in the future. You can put that video on YouTube, you can put it on Vimeo, and different video channels. Push that content out there, drive traffic back to your website and then you can have future visitors who can take advantage of this content as well.

Today’s tip is that whenever you do a PowerPoint presentation or you run a webinar, make sure that you have it recorded so that you can use it in the future and other people will be able to benefit from that.

If you have got experience with a content creation idea like this or if you have got any questions in regards to this tip, make your comments on to this post and I would love to hear from you. Now, if you found this tip useful, I would love for you to click share and share it with as many people as you like. My name is Liza Choa from

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