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Liza here with another digital marketing tip from Today, we are going to talk about using video testimonials as another form of content that you can add to your site. Now, everyone knows about testimonials but how can you create an effective testimonial? Well, the first thing you can do is you can use videos because once again when you use videos, it is a lot more engaging to your prospective customers.


Here are some examples of useful questions that you can ask to create testimonials:

[icon name=”icon-ok” size=”1x” color=”fa3800” align=”left”] What were you looking for when you are looking for a supplier for your business?[icon name=”icon-ok” size=”1x” color=”fa3800” align=”left”] What was your experience like in working with your business?[icon name=”icon-ok” size=”1x” color=”fa3800” align=”left”] What was the outcome that was achieved in the end result?[icon name=”icon-ok” size=”1x” color=”fa3800” align=”left”] How do they feel with the end results?[icon name=”icon-ok” size=”1x” color=”fa3800” align=”left”] Would they recommend your business to other people looking for a similar solution?


You should keep the testimonial video short. It is different to a case study in the sense that a case study goes into a lot more detail in the process of the engagement. Testimonial is short and sweet just about what where they’re looking for, how they feel about the process, and what do they get from the outcome, whether they will recommend you.


Your action for today is make a list of your costumers that you can get videos from, arrange it with them, take them out for lunch, get a few video testimonials, and put them on your sites.


If you’ve got any questions on how to do this or you got experience in creating contents as testimonials then I would love to hear from you. Write in the comment and I will definitely respond. If you like this tip then I would love for you to share it. My name is Liza Choa from



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