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Are you a General Manager, Marketing or Sales Manager in the Direct Selling industry looking for proven innovative ways for greater growth and retention in your direct sales company? Would you like to boost your distributors’ reach and effectiveness by utilising the latest online technology?

We specialise in online lead generation and conversion, as well as multimedia content creation. Our Founder and Managing Director Liza Choa is an expert in lead generation, conversion, retention and training.

We invest time to understand your challenges, objectives and desired outcome. Then review your existing processes, systems and content to identify the gaps and provide a strategy to bridge those gaps. Our next step is to implement the changes. Most importantly, we understand the need for training corporate and field personnel to ensure the new strategies are being utilised.


With more than seven years in the direct sales industry at an international level, Liza has the experience and technological capability to help your company and distributors make the most of your online presence. As a passionate industry speaker, she is available to speak at your next leadership or conference event.

As a proud supplier member of Direct Selling Australia, you can be confident that we understand your unique needs and challenges as a direct selling company, and have the experience and expertise to provide the right solution for you.

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As a direct sales specialist with over 7 years in the direct sales industry, having built an international organisation, and developed one of the fastest growing team in Asia Pacific, we have the industry experience and technological capability to help your company and distributors to get the most out of the digital space.

Liza Choa

Managing Director, Content Maximiser

We Provide Both Consulting and Done-For-You Services in These 4 Key Areas

Lead Generation Funnel Design

We create sales funnels for both products and opportunity that convert

Distributor and Customer Launch Program

We help you strategise and implement a launch program for your new distributors and customers to have a fast start

Growth Promotion Program

We help you create multimedia content to promote leadership retreat, product promotions, advancement contests to drive your business to the next level

Leadership Development Program

We help you strategise and create a leadership development program to help your leaders to constantly grow and prosper

Feedback from Industry Leaders…

Liza, Congratulations and thank you for today’s presentation! You asked us if we were overwhelmed.   On the contrary, I was stimulated because you made a subject that many people have difficulty understanding sound so uncomplicated. Your octopus slide was the most helpful for me. I look forward to receiving a copy of the presentation so I can revisit some of the key points I know our paths will cross again in the near future Thanks again

Nigel Sinclair

Former Chairman, Direct Selling Association of Australia

Liza Choa is a skilled and focused marketing professional. She has significant experience as a field leader in network marketing, having risen to the top tier in her career as a Distributor.  Her ability to exceed expectations and drive her team with a sense of fun and purpose enabled her to qualify for every incentive trip whilst a Distributor.

She is a joy to work with and tireless in her endeavours to produce the best results in all aspects of her life.  She is an expert in digital marketing and social media with practical yet innovative ideas that can assist network marketing companies to improve their business.

Bernie Birch

Sales Manager, Asia Pacific, Reliv International

Liza, Your contribution to today’s meeting was very much appreciated. As a 3 decade Amway veteran I was pleased to hear your many positive references to our industry. I was able to relate to much you said, I worked with many high achieves like yourself. Well done for your own personal achievements. As my consulting work with the DSAA ramps up,  I am encountering many situations with CEOs in which I am discussing ecommerce and social media. I enthusiastically encourage them to understand it, embrace it and reap the benefits. The knowledge you shared today simply reinforces my own enthusiasm, in fact it energises me to encourage them more. There will be opportunities for all. I look forward to receiving the information from today (in taking notes I couldn’t keep up!). I do hope we can keep in touch. Incidentally, don’t hesitate to contact me if I can ever be of any assistance to you. Kind regards, Graeme Martin

Graeme Martin

Experienced Direct Selling Executive/Consultant, GMM Consulting

Liza is a great leader for any team she is part of. She is enthusiastic, and particularly gifted when it comes to setting up a website for her people to utilise. I have learned so much from her and I am very grateful for that.

Maggie Webber

Ambassador II Ruby, Freelife International

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