Top 3 Elements of a Landing Page to Improve Conversion


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I had a conversation with a prospective customer today and he said to me that he’s not getting enough inquiries from the websites.

After having a look at his landing page, I could see that there were some fundamental problems, there were some fundamental errors that they are making on their landing page. So I thought I’ll make a video and talk about the three top elements of a landing page that helps conversion.

When I say landing page, what I mean by that? It is the page that people go to after they have gone through your advertisement funnel. So, it could be a PPC campaign. It could be print advertising. So where ever you advertise, the first page that they look at, that’s a landing page. Keep in mind it’s not necessarily the homepage of you websites because you want people to focus of the conversion that you want to achieve. You want to them focus on the action that you want people to take. It could be them picking up the phone and giving you a call, or it could be capturing their details.

Here are the top three elements you want on a landing page.

#1 Keep it Clean

The first one, you want to keep your landing page clean. This particular landing page has got a black background with colored writing, so it was really hard for people to read. What you want is to have a white background, with nice big fonts so that it is easy for people to read. So, make sure you keep your landing page clean.

#2 Have a Lead Magnet System

So Element number two is that you want to have a lead magnet system. What’s a lead magnet system? A system to capture people’s data.

For this particular landing page, all he has was a “fill out this form” to inquire. There is no value for someone to fill in that form. Instead, you want to provide something of value in exchange for people’s details. Think of what are the top questions that people have when they are making a purchase of your product or service and create a piece of content that is going to answer that so that people can fill in their details in exchange for that piece of information.

Keep in mind people may not be ready to contact you yet as they could still be in the research gathering stage. If you can provide really valuable content to help them with their research, they are more likely to come to you when they are ready to actually make contact with someone.

#3 Have a Lead Nurture System

Item number three for a successful lead magnet system is to have a lead nurturing system. What I mean by that? Once you got someone’s details is that you want to be able to send information to them periodically, so minimum once a week but if they’re hot you may want to do it once a day or once every second day and continue to provide them valuable information that is related to what you’re offering, so that you keep adding value to them.

You’re going to be nurturing this lead and you’re going to building a relationship with them. With this lead nurturing system, you’re going to use multimedia. You want to text, you want to do video, you want to do audio, so that you touch on all their senses to you build that relationship with them. By the time you actually talk to them, the relationship has already been established. It’s going to make the process, the sales process a lot easier.

Now these are just the top three, and there still a quite few more elements that are really important that is going to make a difference to your conversion rate of your landing page. What I would suggest, is work with someone who is a professional in this. At Content Maximiser we certainly provide this service for you that can help you increase your conversion.

If you’ve got any questions feel free to type in the comment box below or if you have experience in something like this, we would love to hear from you. If you like this top three tips, we love for you to share it, Facebook it, Twit it, Google+ it. You can even pin it on Pinterest. My name is Liza from



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