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Top 5 Elements of High Conversion Landing Pages

    Hi, Liza here from As I'm sitting here on the plane, waiting to take off and watching different planes landing, I thought I'd make a quick video on landing pages and the top five elements of high conversion landing pages.   So,...

Top 3 Elements of a Landing Page to Improve Conversion

I had a conversation with a prospective customer today and he said to me that he’s not getting enough inquiries from the websites.

After having a look at his landing page, I could see that there were some fundamental problems, there were some fundamental errors that they are making on their landing page. So I thought I’ll make a video and talk about the three top elements of a landing page that helps conversion.

Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress

When you create your website, the first thing you think about after choosing your domain name and hosting provider is selecting what content management system you are going to use. This content management system is user-friendly, especially for first time users,...

How to Search Engine Optimise Your Website

Search engine optimised websites are important because it plays a major role in helping your website reach your target audience. No matter how attractive and professional looking your website is, if it's not optimised it will be hard for your potential customers to...

Content Creation Idea – Role Plays as Training or Demonstration Tool

Liza here with another digital marketing tip from Today, I want to share with you an idea on how you can create more content and you can maximize from it and that is doing role play.

Role play is fantastic when you do training. But what you can do is you can actually record the role play, so that you can view it afterwards. You can put that content on your company’s intranet, for example, or even on a website, if you want to train your customers on something.

Protect Yourself From Web Developers

  Business owners usually hire web developers to coordinate everything that concerns their website. Not only would this brilliant move free up much needed time to focus on their businesses, but this will also ensure that they will have a professional looking website....

How To Connect With Your Customers Emotion

  Every business owner wants to improve their relationships with their clients. Why? Because an improvement with their client relationship usually means increased customer loyalty which will ultimately lead to increased number of sales. However, this can be...

How To Build A Mailing List From Scratch

      Liza here with another digital marketing idea from Today, I want to share an idea with you on how to build a mailing list from scratch. What you can do is to create a piece of content that your prospect needs to give the email...

Content Creation Idea – Video Testimonials

      Liza here with another digital marketing tip from Today, we are going to talk about using video testimonials as another form of content that you can add to your site. Now, everyone knows about testimonials but how can you...

Content Creation Strategy – Useful Reviews

      Liza here with another digital marketing tip from Today, we are going to share another content creation strategy with you on how you can create more content for your site and what you can do is you can do reviews. Reviews are...

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