How to Create a Converting Sales Landing Page Your Field Can Easily Use

Effective sales landing pages have proven to be critical in converting prospects to customers. However, creating these one page information-packed tools is not all that easy, especially if you’re planning to have your consultants or distributors use them.

There are many elements to consider. That is why in this episode I have decided to share my experience in creating a converting landing page your field can easily use.

We will be giving examples of what a great sales landing page is and how to create the same for your specific products or product groups or opportunity. We will also give examples of what a bad sales landing page is so you can avoid them when creating your one page conversion tool.

I hope you will get some ideas from this episode. I’m excited to share this with you so that your field distributors can have greater success with their sales efforts.

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In this Episode:

00:35 – Why Do You Need to Know This?
01:01 – Understanding the Importance of maximising the success rate of conversion
02:07 – Effectiveness of a landing page when it comes to sales
02:52 – What exactly is a high converting sales landing page?
03:59 – How to have your landing page information flow perfectly for better Conversion?
04:47 – Disadvantage for companies having information and content not properly organised
06:10 – Advantages of Having a Landing Page Setup
07:01 – How Do You Design a Converting Landing Page?
10:02 – What should be the content of your landing page?
10:19 – Elements of a landing page
16:21 – What to do if you have multiple products – Tips on how to save time and properly organise them for maximum results
17:51 – Action step from this particular podcast



Liza: Today we’re going to talk about how to create a converting landing page that your field can use easily.

First of all why do you need to know this?

As a marketer and senior exec of a direct sales company one of your goals would be to help to increase conversion rates of customers and distributors and making it as easy for your field to do this as possible. I know that companies often put great effort in creating great content. However, it might not be as effective for the field as one might think.

Understanding the Importance of Maximising the Success Rate of Conversion

Now you will also need to understand that there are many different ways that a consultant or a distributor could share the product and opportunity information. They could either do it face to face at an in-home meeting or a coffee meeting. But they could also be doing this remotely. So it’s about how to maximise the success rate for the conversion.

Very often you’ll find that different people have got different level of sales skills, their belief level which is their conviction, their conviction on your company, on your product, in your opportunity.

You will notice there are people who are high up the ranks, their conviction is higher. And when their conviction is higher, their conversion is also higher compared to someone who is brand new, just joined your company and the opportunity, and they’re still learning. They’re excited, but they’re still learning, and sometimes they could be so excited, they’re saying all the wrong things, and as a result their conversion rate could be a lot lower.

Effectiveness of a Landing Page when it comes to Sales

If the sales message is dependent on the consultant, it will have different levels of conversion rate. But when you have a strong landing page, and a strong process, and a strong funnel, it is less people dependent.

What this means is that it can drastically increase the success rate for the consultant and making the opportunity a lot more duplicatable because you are letting the tools do the work, you are letting the sales page to do the work rather than the person or the consultant doing the work.

So It is simply the consultant or the distributor’s job to share the information and the rest is being done by the landing page.

What exactly is a High Converting Sales Landing Page?

Well, it’s really a page of information that a consultant or a distributor can use to share about your company’s product or opportunity. This is particularly useful when they are sharing information with someone from interstate, overseas, or just not face to face.

With being a global company, global opportunity, social media, this happens quite frequently. And also very often with the consultant or distributor where they’re doing this in a part time basis, they could be working full time, or they’re a stay at home mum where face to face is less accessible and they tend to opt for more of a digital online way of sharing information.

Having one sales landing page that actually works and converts is really powerful and it’s really, really important.

How to Have Your Landing Page Information Flow Perfectly for Better Conversion?

The other thing is having the information in the right flow that speaks to the person’s underlying pain, frustration, and desire, as well as building trust and credibility.

Your product that you offer would be solving a problem. The problem could be a physical problem or it could be an emotional problem, it could be wanting to look better, it could be wanting to stay younger, it could be becoming healthier, right?

So these are all the benefits that people might experience with what your company offers. But behind that benefit is there’s a problem that you are solving and your landing page needs to address that.

Disadvantage for Companies Having Information and Content Not Properly Organised

In my experience in the direct sales industry, I tend to find that companies have great information, great digital content, but the trouble is it is all over the place. You got some videos on Youtube, some audios on a different website, scientific information could be on a different website all together.

It didn’t work together. It didn’t work synergistically. It didn’t have a flow or a framework in which the order of the information was being exposed.

So this means that when I was back in the field what I had to do is I had to remember where all the information were, and so then the way how the information was shared was inconsistent. If I met one person in a supermarket who is searching information compared to someone overseas, the way how I share was I will send them email with multiple links, right? So I had to remember where all these links were.

And what it also meant then is that it was a lot harder to duplicate and train new team members, because then I need to make a list of where all the information are, when really if it’s in one place, it just makes it so much easier to duplicate.

Advantages of Having a Landing Page Setup

Now like I mentioned before, being able to share information through one page, one link is particularly important in being a global business, social media, and in the internet. Very often you’ll find that your distributors may have friends and relatives overseas and they want to share the products and the opportunity with those people.

So once again having that one link that they send that tells the story well, that builds credibility well, builds excitement well is going to help your distributor or your consultant to convert that person or that prospect into a customer or a distributor. So the way that we share information is absolutely critical.

How Do You Design a Converting Landing Page?

Well, first of all like I have already mentioned it should be one page per product group or opportunity that targets one group of audience.

So it could be people for the skin care products, it could be anti-aging, and people who noticed that they are getting signs of ageing on their skin and they want to prevent that or reverse that. It could be weight loss group of people. So people who feel like they are putting on the weight over the winter time and the summer is coming, they want to lose the weight.

The one page should target the product group or opportunity that talks to one group of audience who all have similar challenges and desires.

The other really critical thing on a sales landing page is that the language should speak to one person and who’s that? That is the reader. So using words such as you, your, instead of we and us. Very often when we work with clients and we look at the copy on their website and on their sales page, the language that was used is very targeted to the company itself, “we” have been around for so long, and “we” use the best ingredients and so forth.

So be very conscious of the language that is used. Focus on the reader which is “you” and “your”.

The other thing with the landing page is you should minimise the number of links and clicks on that page. On that one page, it shouldn’t have so many links that people click and go all over the place. You want to keep people on that one page, and you take them through the flow of your information, so that is really, really important.

Also be clear on what problem does this product or this product group solve. So for example, if it’s a cooking tool, it could be the lack of time the person has to prepare healthy meals. Like I mentioned before, if it’s a skin care product, or product range, it could be the reader noticing the visible signs of ageing. If it’s a weight loss product or a product group, it could be how they feel when they can’t button up their pants anymore.

If it is an opportunity, it could be the need for additional income or the dissatisfaction of their work. So it’s about focusing on that one problem.

What should be the Content of Your Landing Page?

So the whole page is about relating to the problem and how the product or the opportunity will solve that and proving that it will solve that. So now let’s go into the elements of the landing page or the sales page.

Elements of a Landing Page


So starting off with the headline, the headline’s job is to catch people’s attention and not to sell. It should arouse curiosity and ideally it should connect with the person’s emotion and frustration and really speaking to that.

Don’t try to be too clever with headlines. I have seen so many headlines where companies are trying to be clever, but it really doesn’t say anything at all, let alone speaking to the reader. So just be really clear, really concise, arouse curiosity and connect to the person’s emotions.


The sub-headline should support the headline on how the product or the opportunity is going to help solve the problem.

Bullet Points

The other thing is to use bullet points to list the key features and benefits of your product or your product group. Very often when we read sales pages from companies, they focus on features rather than benefits. And a good way to look at your bullet points is if you can finish a sentence with “so what it means is…” and then go into the benefits. So that is really important.


The other thing is when your product group has got really strong key features, something that is really unique, so for example it could be the ingredients that is used, the material that is used, the process that you guys go through to create the product, the science behind it, etcetera. Educate people on these key features.

When you educate people well that is where the indoctrination and the belief comes in. We always come from the philosophy of show rather than tell. So show people why these features are important. Use multimedia such as podcast interviews and video demonstration to amplify this education.

If there are interviews that you guys have done with your key scientific officers about certain ingredient, include that podcast as part of the sales landing page, as part of the sales process. Because you’ll find that there will be people who want minimal information, and there’s some people who really want a lot of information.

And the more information that you give them to support your claim of how your product is going to solve the problem the more likely that they want to try the product.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Also the other element that you really want to include in your sales page, use videos as well as written case studies to prove that your product and your opportunity produces results. Use multiple of them, use different type of people, different nationality, different age group, different professional background.

If they’re videos, keep it short and sweet, just say a couple of minutes rather than people going on and on and on.

But then written case studies are also really good. Have a one or two lines, include the picture of the person. If you can even put their first name and initial, the city, the suburb, it just makes it more real rather than an actor that you hire or a talent that you hire to make these videos.

It’s all about making it relatable. They go, “Oh, this person is from Sydney.” Or it’s like, “Oh, wow, this person is from Bendigo.” Okay, so people relate to that. So you can put those information as part of your case studies and your testimonial.


Use trust marks where applicable. So trustmarks could be, you know, you guys are part of some scientific associations or research where studies have been conducted. So use those logos because once again it’s all about building trust. Remember that this is a word of mouth business where people sharing with other people, but still people don’t know your company; they don’t know your product. So it’s all about building the trust and the credibility.


The other thing is to have big bold call to action buttons or signs rather than a little link, and in your case it will very often be “go back to the person who refer you to get started”.

You have it really clear so the person goes, “Ah, this is my next step.” Or it could be the next step is

Number one: decide whether you want to be a customer or be a distributor.

Number two: choose the product pack that is most applicable to you.

Number three: go to the person who referred this to you and ask them to help you get started.

So be really clear what the next steps would look like, because once again this is going to save time from the distributor needing to explain this.

Mobile Responsive

And finally ensure that the page is mobile responsive. Very often this page will be shared via SMS, email, Facebook, Instant Messenger, so people are very likely to be looking at this page using a mobile device. So you want to make sure that the page, the layout the design, all the multimedia content are responsive so that you’re giving your user a good user experience because that will also be critical when it comes to conversion.

What To Do If You have Multiple Products – Tips on How to Save Time and Properly Organise Them for Creating Landing Pages

Now as you’re listening to this you might be thinking, “This might not work for us because we have got too many products and how are we going to create a sales landing page for each product?”

Well, what you can do is you can group them. So have a sales page for each of your product groups. So the sales page, like I mentioned before, should speak to one group of audience. So once again if it’s a skin care range you can have a sales page for your oily skin range, so then it only speaks to those people and on that page as part of the content then you can list the different products that you have as part of that product group.

As another example, if you are a lingerie company, your focus could be women who wants quality undergarment that are comfortable, right? Then as part of the sales page you can talk about the material that is used, the way how you make the garment, the design process. That’s all part of the features and the benefits, and then as part of that you can showcase the latest range for example.

So if I am a consultant with that company, once again I just share one page and the flow of the information is there and they don’t need to click everywhere to try to find information.

What is the Action Step from This Podcast?

Well, I will invite you to see yourself as a consultant with your company. Imagine you have met a prospect at a supermarket, engaged in a conversation, and she or he wants you to send them more information about your company’s product or opportunity.

Would you be able to do that with just sending one link or do you need to send multiple links? And if not, then maybe it’s time for you to review your current sales landing pages and your sales process.

I hope that you’ve got some ideas from this session. We do specialise in building sales funnel for companies and we can help you starting with a strategy, we can also look at your current digital assets and how you can optimise them and help you to fine tune your sales funnels.

I wish you all the best with designing your sales landing page that your field can use easily. If you’ve got any questions at all, feel free to contact us.

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