How to Create Stunning Photos to Increase Readership with Camera+ App

With the constant emergence of new camera applications, it’s hard to find one that suits all your needs. However, there is one camera app that not only gives you everything you want feature-wise but also delivers stunning results. Find out what camera app is it and why we at Content Maximiser highly recommends it.

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00:19 – Introduction
00:33 – The best mobile camera app is…
00:49 – Benefits of using this app
01:11 – Normal image versus image taken using the camera app
01:40 – Today’s action

Liza here from Today I’m going to share a tool with you and show you how to create stunning photos that is going to increase your interaction and the share of your blog posts.

So the tool that I want to talk about is a mobile app and it is called Camera+. Now it’s a plus with a symbol of a plus, not with a “plus.” When you have got a smart phone such as an iPhone, you’re able to take photos anywhere. Now, what we’ve found is that when we use Camera+ to take photos and we share it on social media, it definitely increased the response rate and the interaction rate of that particular blog post. In the Camera+ app, it has got some awesome filters that can turn ordinary pictures into something quite incredible.

how to create stunning photosI’m going to give you an example of a photo we have taken of a sunflower as a normal image and then as a filtered image using Camera+ and you can really see a significant difference in the photo. When people like the photo, chances are they are going to comment on it and they are going to share it and also, you can pin it to places such as Pinterest, to once again drive traffic back to your site.

The action item for you to take is go and download this app called Camera+. I have included a link of it on this blog post, it makes it very easy for you to find and start taking photos and incorporating it as part of your communication strategy.

If you have used this app and you’ve got experience, we would love to hear from you. If you have used any other app that is also great for images then we definitely want to know about it. If you like this blog post, please help us share it by clicking on the share button. So, until next time I will see you at the next post. My name is Liza from

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