How to Generate Leads at Trade Shows

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  Liza here from We just finished an event here at the Mining Indaba 2014 at Cape Town, South Africa. So I thought it would be good to talk about how to generate leads from trade shows and expos. Walking around the exhibition, what I have noticed is that there are so many companies that has invested a lot of money, a lot of resources building beautiful stands. At the same time, they actually don’t have a structured lead capturing system. My recommendation to you is that if your company, your organization do events and expos, it is really important going into the event with a very structured lead capture system, so you can generate leads at the end of the event. Also have a system in place, a process in place on how to follow up with these leads. There is no point investing all the money at the expo, talk to a lot of people, but not having a structure to capture the leads and to follow up with the leads. As you and I know, the money is in the follow up. Make sure that you have a process in place for that. I hope you found this useful and I look forward to seeing you at the next episode. My name is Liza from  

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Ross Doyle

Managing Director, Coresco AG

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