How to Get the Most Out of An Expo

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In This Episode 00:48 – Three questions to ask your clients on video to help them summarize the expo 01:00 – What is your thought of the industry after coming out of the event? 01:18 – What are the 3 takeaways that you got out of the event? 01:36 – What does it mean to your customer?


Hi, this is Liza from I’m here at the Mining Indaba 2014 at Cape Town, and we have just wrapped up an event for one of our clients. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about how to get the most out of an expo using videos!

My question to you is, do your business exhibit at your industry exhibitions? Do you attend conferences? One the things that you might want to do for your organisation is, at the end of the event, is to create videos and to summarise your thoughts on the event.

Here are three questions that we ask our clients on video to help them to summarise the event and these questions might be useful for you as well. The first question that we asked our client was, “What are your thoughts on the industry after coming out of this event?” With this question, it helps you to summarise your thoughts and it makes it relevant to the industry and it also helps your clients.

The second question that we asked our client was, “What are the three take-aways that you got out of the events?” When you have three take-aways, what it does is it conceptualise, it solidifies and summarise the event as a whole.

Finally, the last question we asked was, “What does this mean to your customers?” This question is important because the people who will be watching this video will be your customers and your prospects, and the bottom line of what they are thinking is what’s in it for me, so you want to convey the information in such a way this is important to them. By asking the question what does it mean to your customers, you are making is relevant to the viewer.

So, the next time your company exhibit at exhibitions or attend conferences, these are the three questions that may be useful to record on camera, then you can put it on your website and this will be more content that is relevant to your customers and your prospects, plus it will also help to increase your authority and creditability.

I hope you found this tip useful. My name is Liza from and I will see you at the next episode.


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