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The most effective way to be recognised as an industry expert and build authority in your marketplace is by consistently adding value to your customers, by sharing relevant and useful content.    

In order to take advantage of powerful multimedia platforms such as YouTube and iTunes, you have to produce content not just in text, but in video and audio format. Having your content in video and audio will give your audience a much better user experience, they will be more engaged with you, and hence, increase their loyalty with you and your brand.


Did You Know:


Viewers spend on average 533% more time on websites with videos than plain text


Mobile video streaming increased by 93% worldwide from 2010 to 2011


Video increases conversion by 30% or more


Optimised website with video are 53 times more like to appear on the front page of Google

We get it Done For You:

  We understand that creating multimedia content can be time consuming, especially with content creation and production. We have the expertise to help you:


Plan your content creation calendar to map out all the content to be created within a set time frame


Come in and record the videos


Post production editing


We will reproduce the video into audio


We will transcribe the audio into text


We will post this multimedia content onto your website with correct tags for search engine optimisation


We will push this content to multiple social media platforms such as YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter to maximise the exposure

Here are a list of multimedia content we can create for you:

Face to Camera Video

Infographic Animation

(See Sample)

Hype Reel Video

(See Sample)

Whiteboard Explainer Video

(See Sample)


(See Sample)

Podcast Creation

We help you maximise your content. By having this useful and relevant content in multimedia format will increase your exposure, your authority, and your customer loyalty.

As a result of the animated video, it’s helped us to score business in the Asia Pacific region.

Jeff Yang

Managing Director, SocialGen

Liza's ideas were a bit out there I thought on some of the things because I’m a bit old school. But I’ve got to say until now, you’ve proven it. It’s been 10 folds increase for us.

Gary Cutcliffe

Managing Director, Kooler Ice

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We think our website is the best thing we've seen in our industry. It is exactly what we were looking for... for lead generation, for client acquisition, and also making the existing site a much more effective sales tool.

Robert Orrell
Managing Director, Brand Promotions
Content Maximiser is a very good team to work with, super-efficient, very effective and importantly easy to work with.

Vincent Lim
Managing Director, VTS Lawyers
We’ve got far too many leads. We’ve ran out of brochures and we’re happy to have that quality problem. So thank you, Liza, for you and your team for helping.

Ross Doyle
Managing Director, Coresco AG

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