Christopher Murray



L: Chris, thanks so much for taking your time and having this quick chat about your experience in us working together. So maybe you can just start off with just sharing how did this project come about?

C: The project with Content Maximiser came about by looking for a website company here in Australia. I wanted to deal with someone face to face and not by tickets or over the internet and that was how I chose dealing with Content Maximiser.

L: Okay, cool! Appreciate that. You mentioned about the face to face part, were there any other qualities or requirements that you were after when you were looking for a supplier?

C: I looked at some of the previous stuff you’ve done in terms of other references and looking at the style of businesses you’ve worked for. And that was the… if you’re like the criteria, I used to actually select you.

L: Great, appreciate that! So, in us working together, what was the one thing that stood out for you in the process?

C: You’re in Sydney.

L: Okay. Great! Cool! Is there anything else that came to mind?

C: In terms of your level of professionalism, your understanding and scoping the design was what I wanted. I thought I was quite clear about some of the sites I wanted to model in terms of the layout, design and when you came back with the wireframe, that was consistent with those things.

L: Okay, brilliant! And what did you think of the outcome of the project?

C: I think the finished product is fantastic and it is as good as I probably could have envisaged. Going on to the project, I wanted particular features and look and feel of it. and we achieved all of those.

L: Great! Awesome! And I guess the last question is, now that the project is finished, what was your experience in terms of the after sales service?

C: That’s been great. Like any IT projects, you’d be naive to think that there aren’t gonna be issues. It’s like the sun coming out in the morning, you know there are gonna be issues. I think the thing I’ve enjoyed about working with you and while we’re in an ongoing relationship, is the ability to respond to things and get them done. Whilst my timeframes a lot lot shorter than yours, in true reflection, it’s been great.

L: Awesome. Chris, thank you so much! I really appreciate your time just to share this with me.

C: Thanks Liza.

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Robert Orrell
Managing Director, Brand Promotions
Content Maximiser is a very good team to work with, super-efficient, very effective and importantly easy to work with.

Vincent Lim
Managing Director, VTS Lawyers
We’ve got far too many leads. We’ve ran out of brochures and we’re happy to have that quality problem. So thank you, Liza, for you and your team for helping.

Ross Doyle
Managing Director, Coresco AG

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