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Lead Generation and Capture at Trade Expo


Coresco AG was exhibiting at a trade expo, however, they did not have strategy to generate and capture leads from the event to follow up. We designed a lead generation and capture campaign specifically for this event. By analysing their target audience, segmenting the list and being there at the event to ensure the campaign was executed successfully.


Visitors were approaching this client’s stand due to the Lead Magnet we have put in place. Throughout the 3 days event, over 200 highly qualified leads were generated, which equated to over US$20,000,000.



The lead capture generation has been excellent. It’s been very well thought out and rather methodical. And what we’ve found is that we’ve had many more people coming to our booth and having an interest.

And I think that’s the way the marketing and the strategy “pre” and “during” and let’s hope “post” has helped us at much more in lead generation.

We’ve got far too many leads. We’ve ran out of brochures and we’re happy to have that quality problem. So thank you, Liza, for you and your team for helping.

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In the 2nd month of launching the site, we have 10X our traffic and double the quality leads we are getting. It has been our biggest month in the clinic so far.

Dr. May Chan
Dentist & Co-Founder, BDS (Adelaide), FICCDE (Ortho), Dental Boutique
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Cecilia Chan
Marketing Manager, USANA Health Sciences

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