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“What I enjoyed about the process with you was that you helped us identified a strategy of how we will go about to achieve what we wanted to achieve.”

Cam Hadlow

General Manager, Dream Doors Australia


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0:07 Liza: Cam, thank you so much for taking the time to have a quick chat about our experience with us. Before we get started maybe I can just get you to tell me about your company, what do you guys do for your clients.
0:19 Cam: Sure. Our company is Dream Doors and our business is kitchen renovation or kitchen facelifts or kitchen makeovers, which includes new kitchens and kitchen facelifts, new doors, new handles, hinges, bench tops. That’s what our franchisees do all around Australia. My job of course is to keep them in line.
0:45 Liza: [Laughs] Right. You guys do some pretty impressive stuff like the amount of time it takes for you guys to turn a kitchen over. Like it can be done in just a couple of days is quite phenomenal.
0:54 Cam: A simple kitchen facelift can be as quick as a day or two, depending on how big it is and a new kitchen is as much as a week, five days normally.
1:04 Liza: Nice, cool. So, Cam, how did the project come about. Like, you know, I remember you sent me a text. You reached out. So, what happened? How did it come about?
1:15 Cam: You’re referring to the project of getting Content Maximiser involved in our website requirements?
1:22 Liza: Yes.
1:23 Cam: Okay. We came to Australia about three years ago and we had a website that was developed by another company in New Zealand and it was operated and run from New Zealand. I found that frustrating being unable to get what I wanted, when I wanted it and I needed to have somebody that I could talk to on a daily basis or a weekly basis and understand and get actioned. And that’s why we came to you. You were recommended to us, as you know, and that recommendation came very highly. So we made the call. We made the contact and we’ve been very happy with the process and the progress.
2:10 Liza: Cool. Thank you for that. Yes, I do remember the conversation was, yes, you just need someone local who understand the local suburbs.
2:20 Cam: Exactly. I had a, I think I quoted the example to you where I had the guy in New Zealand who when he was grouping Sydney suburbs, he grouped Newcastle as a suburb of Sydney and when I got that, I realised that I was dealing with the wrong guys because they just weren’t local. No local knowledge. Newcastle was, well, you know, it’s two hours drive away, hardly a suburb.
2:47 Liza: Yes, and what was the impact of that? How did you feel not being able to have someone local and everything is remote and time difference?
2:58 Cam: Yes, bear in mind that I had dealt with these people for a number of years before so they were not foreign to me. I knew the guys well and still have certain, I still have a lot to do with them because the association with the New Zealand business the Australian business, but it was important to me to maintain an Australian website and an Australian look, an Australian feel and with local knowledge and local people involved to support.
3:27 Liza: Yes, cool. So let’s talk about the first phase of the project. Can you maybe just share what did you actually got from us?
3:38 Cam: The first phase of the project?
3:40 Liza: Yes. So, I guess what we talked about today was phase two, which is, you know, the SEO things and the Adwords, so that is like the phase two. So the phase one was the site and the funnels and so forth…
3:56 Cam: It’s what I enjoyed about the process with you was to first of all, identify a strategy of how we will go to achieve what we wanted to achieve. Bear in mind that our website is primarily designed to generate business for our franchisees and so the success of the website is their success because a lot of their business comes from the website and we hope a lot more. As we work through the SEO program that we’re going to go through shortly. I’m sure that we’ll grow our presence on Google which is what our aim is.
4:35 Liza: Yes, brilliant. Cool. So, I guess the initial phase was – because initially, you contact me really straight into the SEO side and it wasn’t really about the website, was it? It was just trying to get the traffic but as the conversation evolved, we kind of identified the need to bring your website to that next level by putting in the funnel, the green lead magnet, the orange lead magnet, the red lead magnet.
5:02 Cam: Yes, I think once we went through the process of analysing what we had with our previous website and working out what we needed to do to get what we want to do with that website, I think we came to a point where it was clearly evident early on that we couldn’t really do or if we were going to do what we wanted to do with the old website, it’s going to cost us a lot of money, whereas I think, the solution that you came up with was with a new website which was cost effective and it’s certainly achieving the results that we wanted.
5:37 Liza: Cool, so how did you find the process during the video shooting and the ebook and all of that? What was experience sitting on your end?
5:47 Cam: Oh, very stressful. [Laughs]
5:52 Liza: When we put you in front of the camera.
5:53 Cam: That’s right. No, I mean, I guess what I enjoyed most was the fact that you organised it all. It was all arranged. All I had to do is turn up and do what I needed to do. So that’s a good thing, because as you know, I’m busy and I don’t have time to – one reason why we’ve got you on the loop is because you’re doing what I need you to do without my huge involvement and that’s great.
6:22 Liza: Yes, I guess, how we’ve been working is I come up with a suggestion, you say yes or no.
6:29 Cam: Yes.
6:30 Liza: And then, it happens.
6:32 Cam: It’s always too much, but that’s life.
6:36 Liza: [Laughs] Okay, and now that the site has been live for a month, how are you finding the outcome so far?
6:42 Cam: Well, as we discussed earlier the enquiry that we’re getting through is really good. I think we need to fine tune where that enquiry goes and how it gets to where it needs to get to. But the early indications are that we’re getting about 20 to 25% more enquiry already without any SEO. So that’s good. That’s just the website and the funnel and all that. That’s what making it work.
7:12 Liza: Yes, and I guess we’ve kind of created, we identified we’ve created a problem for you. You phone this ringing too much now.
7:18 Cam: I know. That’s the problem. That’s why I don’t need my phone to ring. I need everybody else’s phone to ring. That’s the problem but we’ll fix it.
7:28 Liza: Yes, exactly. Cool. Awesome. Look, so I guess to wrap up, there might be people who are watching this video and they are considering maybe either updating their website or they want to get more leads, etc. What’s your recommendation for them while they’re reviewing in, looking for a supplier?
7:46 Cam: I think that people need to have a clear idea of where they want to get to with their website, what they want to achieve with their website. I suspect that most websites are designed to generate business and I think you need to have a clear idea of that and also the person that you’re going to work with. You need to be able to work with them on a day to day basis.
8:09 Liza: Yes, cool. And I think the other thing – I don’t know whether you agree with this or not, is that you have a strategy, rather than just information on the site.
8:18 Cam: Correct. A strategy for developing what you want to develop on your website, but it’s also having a strategy of how you’re going to achieve the end result for your customers or my franchisees in this case, which obviously achieves an end result for their customers.
8:38 Liza: Exactly. Cool. Well, Cam, I really, thank you for your time. I appreciate you sharing this and I look forward to working with you.
8:46 Cam: Okay, me too. Thanks for that.
8:48 Liza: Thanks Cam. Cheers.

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I think we came to a point where it was clearly evident early on that we couldn’t really do or if we were going to do what we wanted to do with the old website, it’s going to cost us a lot of money, whereas I think, the solution that you came up with was with a new website which was cost effective and it’s certainly achieving the results that we wanted.

Cam Hadlow
General Manager, Dream Doors Australia
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