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  • Multimedia
  • Online lead generation
  • Use of multimedia to enhance user experience
  • Professional sales copy to enhance conversion rate


  • Increase leads generated by 300%
  • Increase Google Adwords Click-Through-Rate by 400%
  • Reduced Cost Per Click by 50%

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Why did you want to upgrade your website?

Well, on our old website, we had a good website. I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with it. You called us and recommended how we need a facelift; we looked at what you offered us and I think that was great.

I have got to say going from the old style website to the new website and we’ve only been, what, 3 weeks now our leads have increased 10 folded. It’s been worth every cents of it so far.

What were you looking for in a digital marketing company?

With the supplier, I wanted a one on one person, not a big company that had 30 people that I mean we couldn’t ring. I can honestly say every time we ring you, you answered the phone 95% of the time. You always get back to us, so that’s been great.

I have a family business and that’s what we like. If someone wants to ring the phone, call in and you get back to us. So that’s been a good thing for us.

Your idea was a bit out there I thought on some of the things because I’m a bit old school. But I’ve got to say until now, you’ve proven it. It’s been 10 folds for us.

What was your experience like working with Liza and her team?

Experience, well I think we’d run out of battery. Experience? it has been an experience working with you, Liza, that’s one thing I’ve got to say. A laughed a minute, you’d been good, you know what I mean?

Look, it’s been great. You’ve taught me a lot on websites, you’ve really proven it.  Like I said I think it was a bit far out there, but it’s now been 10 folds.

What did you think of the end result?

Okay, the quality of leads that are coming back, we’ve got better quality of the leads. We’ve had a lot more leads coming in.

Now because we’ve got so many leads than we are used to, now we’re looking at how we can manage those leads a bit better to get back to people faster. Doing the automatic emails I think it is where we send out the emails automatically, that has been great.

The amount of people that reply to that, at the time I thought what a waste of time and money, but the amount of people that are now replying to it, it’s different than what I have expected to be honest.

By doing the automated emails now, people are really coming back and asking more questions and at least we know who are the tyre kickers. At least we now know they’re not a tyre kicker when they start doing that.

We definitely are getting more quality leads.

Would you recommend Liza and Content Maximiser to other businesses?

Would we recommend you to other business? Look, you’ve been great to work with, I’d highly recommend you. I mean, look you’ve done a good job for us and that’s why we’ve got you to now built, what, 3 websites over the last 3 months for us.

You’re doing more for us, and we’ll be getting you back all the time to just keep working on and how would you put it, tailoring the little things that we need to put it in.

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We think our website is the best thing we've seen in our industry. It is exactly what we were looking for... for lead generation, for client acquisition, and also making the existing site a much more effective sales tool.

Robert Orrell
Managing Director, Brand Promotions
Content Maximiser is a very good team to work with, super-efficient, very effective and importantly easy to work with.

Vincent Lim
Managing Director, VTS Lawyers
We’ve got far too many leads. We’ve ran out of brochures and we’re happy to have that quality problem. So thank you, Liza, for you and your team for helping.

Ross Doyle
Managing Director, Coresco AG

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