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Phoenix Wealth Group is a privately owned company that helps people, mainly executives and business owners who are very time poor, create passive income stream through property investing.



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I really recommend this service to someone who’s maybe got a business up and running but is looking to shortcut how they implement strategies quickly and effectively.

Salena Kulkarni

Certified Property Investment Adviser & Chartered Accountant, Phoenix Wealth Group


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00:07 Liza: Salena, thank you so much for doing you know, this for me and just sharing your experience in the recent work we did together.

00:16 Salena: Pleasure.

00:18 Liza: [laughter] So I’m just gonna start with…maybe…

You can just tell me more about your company you know, what does your company do, who do you look after?

00:31 Salena: So I run a business called Phoenix Wealth Group and it’s really, in a nutshell, about helping people create significant amounts of money through property investing. If we’re to articulate specifically who I work with, I work mainly with executives and business owners who are very time poor, who are looking to really take on an adviser to guide them through their property investment journey.

01:05 Liza: Fantastic. Cool.

Can share how did, the project that you and I worked on, how did that come about? What was the frustration or what you wanted to achieve with that?

01:19 Salena: Yeah. Look, the reason that I initially was attracted to you and to your offering was I had a recognition that I was probably getting quite a few referrals through word of mouth as well as kind of ad hoc speaking gigs and that kind of, you know I guess, was creating a little bit of a snuggle effect within the business, but it felt very random. I recognised that although my business is very much about relationships, I really needed to switch from predominantly offline strategies and automate and take it more online so that I could create that consistency of leads rather than kind of just hoping that leads were going to flow through.

02:09 Liza: Yeah.

What was the impact of that, like just not having the control of your lead flow, just relying on third party referrals?

02:21 Salena: Look, I guess to some degree, the frustration was that I felt very beholden to some of my referral partners. If business was good for them then they referred well, if business wasn’t so good for them then they didn’t refer so well. And I guess what I was witnessing over the last 12 months was that there were quite a lot of people I knew who were maybe in different businesses to my business but they were able to turn the flow of leads on and off at will through their online efforts. And really, in my world, I’m a mum and I run a business and I got a household to run. I really needed more control over that so that I could, I guess to some degree, control the workload that I have at any one time.

03:12 Liza: Yeah. Sure. So the service that you got from us was Business Acceleration Strategy. So tell me what was your…we went through that yesterday…what was your experience in us working together?

03:29 Salena: What I really appreciate about what you did was, first of all, you were very meticulous with your attention to detail. Really, what I felt was I was getting years and years of your experience condensed down and honing specifically on my business rather than, as you know I’m part of the business group which gives you a lot of resources on how to implement all of these stuff. The challenge that I’m having with that is what do I do first, where do I start and stuck in a little bit of overwhelm. So

The challenge that I’m having with that is what do I do first, where do I start and stuck in a little bit of overwhelm. So what I was really looking for in working with you was how do I cut through all those resources and just really honing on the strategies and the advice that’s actually going to be most impactful to me, and you know… a shortcut.
I think maybe I could’ve got to this point within the next 12 months but what you’ve really done is you’ve cut it all down and just said, just do these things and I’ll have the greatest impact, but for me, that’s very worthwhileworth.

04:38 Liza: Awesome. Thank you.

As we went through the strategy together, can you maybe share what were some of the thoughts that came through for you as we did that?

04:51 Salena: I guess when you were revealing things like the website and then the funnel and the sales strategy, for me, a lot of what you were prescribing was quite intuitive so it wasn’t that anything was radically…it didn’t flow against the way that I thought about my business which I was really happy about. It was all an extension and tweaking of what I was already doing, but what I realized immediately is that I’ve perhaps been putting efforts into the wrong kind of marketing because my business is really so personalized and labor intensive.

I’ve recognized that it’s very easy for me to kind of get off track with the wrong kind of marketing because I got such limited time to invest in that space. I really felt it, you know, you’d heard me and you’d understood the business of what I do and how I do it, and you really picked strategies that were gonna be a good fit for me.

05:50 Liza: Awesome. Cool. So I guess to wrap it up…

How would you describe the outcome that you felt you’ve got?

06:01 Salena: Look, I feel very honoured because I felt you kind of delivered to me a product that was exactly what I was looking for that might not have been in your original suite of products, but what I’m really grateful for is that you’ve been very flexible with how you delivered it and what you delivered.

I really recommend this service to someone who’s maybe got a business up and running but is looking to shortcut how they implement strategies quickly and effectively. I think it’s to someone who has a good understanding of internet marketing but needs to really cut through the noise and get the specific strategies quickly.

06:46 Liza: Great! Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I really appreciate it. Yeah, well I guess I look forward to continuing working together and smashing it!

6:58 Salena: Yeah. Looking forward to it, Liza.

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