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  • Online Shopping Cart
  • Online Booking Form
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Monthly Specials


  • Clients can purchase Phyt’s products and gift vouchers 24 x 7
  • Clients can make bookings online, saves therapists time, especially when they are too busy  to answer the phone
  • Ability to promote events and specials to existing clients regularly

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My name is Coryn. I own the Phyt’s Beauty and Spa in Drummoyne. We are a French organic skin care.

Why did you want a new website?

We wanted to build a new website because originally when I first bought the business 5 years ago we had got a really, really simple website that just kind of just had the basics there really. So as the business grew, technology sort of change as well. And just wanting to have something a little bit better and up to date of course.

What was important to you when you were looking for an online strategist?

What was important was basically having the ability to move forward and to be current. So to have a good understanding. Someone that actually listens to what you want.

Because every business is different and has different little things, little needs that they have, so yeah that was important.

What was your experience in working with Liza and her team?

Working with Liza through the development process was really so easy. It was just ridiculously easy actually.

Basically I just told her what I wanted and then she just went back and, you know, she listens very intently to what I need. So the process was really, really easy. Very short, very quick and yeah, it was brilliant.

When you’re busy running your own business, you don’t have that time behind the scenes, so if someone can kind of take what you want and then just do it, and then come back to you, it’s brilliant.

What are the new benefits you are gaining from your new website?

So the new benefits we are gaining now from our new website is that we have an online shop now, we didn’t have before. I think it’s definitely a more user-friendly website. So obviously there are benefits of more traffic coming in that way. It’s definitely more professional.

What is your experience in terms of after sales service?

So the after sale service swiftly was exceptional. There were some tweaks needed to be done, of course like when you do something new, you always have an idea on you’re mind, but then also when it’s actually up and running, you think, “Oh,” you know, would like to have some changes.

So the after sales service and that transaction were really simple. So I just mentioned those things and now we’re done in the moment. Yeah, it was really good.

Would you recommend Liza to other businesses?

Of course I’d recommend Liza to other businesses and I have. She’s excellent to work with, very friendly, very open, very communicating. She listens very intently. So I would have no hesitations whatsoever recommending Liza.

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In the 2nd month of launching the site, we have 10X our traffic and double the quality leads we are getting. It has been our biggest month in the clinic so far.

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