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SeneGence is a privately owned, network marketing company that is in the business of developing and selling personal care products through an independent sales network. In April 1999, SeneGence started with LipSense® Long-Lasting Liquid Lip Color as its premier product. Initially, only six lip colors, a moisturizing lip gloss and a lip color remover were offered. SeneGence now has a complete line of long-lasting cosmetic colors and anti-aging skincare products as well as accessories and boutique items.



  • Keynote Presentation Engagement


  • Educate audience on Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing
  • Ability to produce rapid digital content with simple framework
  • Increase audience’s confidence in producing digital content to promote their business
  • Increase exposure and brand awareness
  • Increase in sales

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The thing I really like about having you there is the energy you brought. You helped dispel the myths about getting in front a camera and marketing yourself.

Paul Jones

Country Operations Manager, SeneGence Australia


0:18 A brief intro on SeneGence

1:30 How Content Maximiser and SeneGence come together

3:15 Social Media skill level of Paul’s team prior to the keynote

4:06 Engagement and how it transformed the group

5:39 The outcome of the group’s transformation

7:46 Key things to look for in a keynote speaker


0:07 Liza: Thank you so much for doing this. I really appreciate your time and just sharing your experience in our recent work together.

0:14 Paul: You’re welcome. I enjoyed it so much, how can I refuse?

0:18 Liza: Oh, cool. So, maybe we can just start with you sharing, what SeneGence, what does your company do? What do you do within the company?

0:28 Paul: I’m the operations manager for SeneGence. SeneGence is a cosmetics multi level marketing promoting cosmetic and skincare products that really work. I think you might be wearing one of our lipsticks which is our flagship product which doesn’t smudge they call it the affair-proof lipstick. I don’t think I can say that live online… but it doesn’t smudge and it stays on all day.

it was started by a lady called Jonie Rogers-Kante. We realised there was something missing in the world for moms going back to work, whatever it was to actually make a living and be involved in the beauty industry and hence, SeneGence was born. It’s been in Australia like, I think about 10-12 years and had a very small representation.

Here’s a nice segue way for you, since the keynote on social media we’ve seen growth, which is – it’s really taking off. So we’ve invested heavily in Australian marketplace to build up our presence.

1:30 Liza: Awesome. Cool. So, maybe we can talk about this particular project that we started working. Like, how did that project come about? What did you guys want to achieve?

1:38 Paul: Okay, so ultimately, I’m new to direct selling, Liza. You’ve probably heard me said a couple of times and one thing that’s very quickly evident about this is we don’t have stores, we don’t have shopfronts. Our shopfronts are our people, so it’s a key that we’re – and you know what, a lot of them are back to work moms. They’re not business people, do you know what I mean? So, our goal is to give these guys as much support and training as possible on how to be a business person and maximise every opportunity.

You know, I mean, this phenomenon, there’s a greater phenomenon which is Facebook and social media and so on and so forth and to try and take someone from being not confident to being able to market yourself in front of the camera, that’s what people relate to. So the session was really about that. I mean, believe it or not, there’s a lot more to it than that, and a lot of work that is going on at the moments where we really have the complete policies and procedures and so on and so forth around marketing.

The thing I really like about having you though is the energy you brought. You helped dispel the myths about getting in front a camera and marketing yourself. You instilled a lot of confidence in the ladies. They start to think… You know what, I’m not very good at this but it actually doesn’t matter because people don’t relate so much to the bells and whistles. They relate to you. And that’s why I really like having you there.

And also, you are quite funny. So having you with a little bit of fun helps break the monotony of the, “okay, here’s all the rules and regulations.” Let’s have some fun and it’s really, really user friendly and it will add value to your business as well. Do you know what I mean?

3:15 Liza: Yes, totally, thank you. I appreciate you sharing that. Before we started the presentation, what would you say was the skill level of the ladies from a social media standpoint?

3:29 Paul: I think they are all experts in social media. In my opinion, I think it’s been fine to lose time on Facebook, but that’s not necessarily marketing and maximising their opportunity. So from a personal perspective, I think they’re very good at it. I mean, let’s face it, they’re all ladies so they’re very good at being social and talking. Actually marketing themselves as a business or a product or an opportunity, you know, once you kind of put them in that box, it’s like, “Oh, I don’t want to go on video to sell. And the key to it for us is it wasn’t about selling. It was about marketing you as a brand. How’s that for a segue way?

4:06 Liza: Yes, awesome. So, yes, because when we first asked the ladies before my session, how many of them do video marketing and not many. And we asked why don’t they and they go, they’re conscious about being in front of the camera. They don’t know what to say. They don’t know what to do, how to do it. So there’s all the concerns at the beginning of the session. And then, what did you see in that two hours that we spent together?

4:33 Paul: I’ll give you a very good little example. One of the ladies, she’s actually an ex-police officer. She’s a lovely lady. She’s quite a shy lady. She got this – she seems like a very strong woman. I mean, she must be, she was a policeman, but she’s really shy. Really, really, really, shy. So for her to be able to think about getting in front of a camera and saying something to it was never going to happen, never going to happen. Well, since the workshop, she’s already done her first video post for her business.

5:04 Liza: Really?

5:05 Paul: She’s a little bit, you know, oh, oh, oh. She’s done it. So like I said, you kind of dispels out myth and teaches you – the thing I took away was it’s okay to be that shy person. You know what I mean?

5:19 Liza; Yes. It’s about being yourself and attracting your tribe and being congruent and authentic.

5:24 Paul: Attracting your tribe. I like it.

5:26 Liza: Yes.

5:26 Paul: That phrase, can I copy that phrase? Do you have a patent on that phrase?  You know if I can use that one here?

5:33 Liza; Totally, I’m sure I borrowed it from someone else’s. No such thing as being original these days.

5:38 Paul: You’ve got it from Michelle Obama. [Laughs]

5:39 Liza: Oh, there you go. Yes, cool. Awesome. So, if we were just to wrap up, what was the outcome that you saw in the transformation of the group. How would you describe that?

5:56 Paul: So like I said, I think taking that ability they’ve got to be social in a Facebook type environment on camera, so they have the confidence, thinking “Well you know what, I am actually a saleable product as well. You know what I mean?” So like I said, you have broken down that wall and brought out the confidence in the girls.

Now, another thing, and I understand, it took me about three hours just to get on Skype down here because I’m a bit clumsy with the technology. So I saw some of the technology and how easy it is nowadays as well, you know what I mean? Because at the end of the day, for a cosmetics business, it’s all about how we look. So it’s okay to look good, you’re still marketing a product, but they do want to look nice. So some really simple tools to use and I think already, you saw the girls that morning, you know what I mean, and for me personally, what I get out of it, the Swivl. It’s all about the Swivl for me. So you’ve been able to – you’ll see the wall behind me. Actually, I’ll just get centred, there you go, and with the Swivl, I’ve been able to – the same thing that I’ve got, the same tools that the girls are using, I’m going to use that in this building. This is our training centre.  The Swivl will be on the table. Our trainer can come in here. If we can connect with all our network around Australia and post it live on Facebook Live, any gaps that they’ve got in their life, anything that they need, we can go for 10-15 and then boom, login, have a look and we can keep that message coming.

7:35 Liza: Yup, and you build the library.

7:36 Paul: If we were to get to the other side of the country, to get them here to have a training and go out and wait for a leader and engage them in the market, we can support them. We can do it from here.

7:46 Liza: Totally, and you just build that library and it just keeps growing and growing and growing. You do it once and it works for you forever. And that’s the power of that. So to wrap up this conversation, Paul, there could be other companies that are watching this video. They could be looking for a keynote speaker for their next conference, seeing what you’ve seen now, what do you think are some of the key things that they should be looking out for in a keynote speaker, maybe specially in the social media, digital marketing side?

8:18 Paul: Well, I saw a really good guy at the DSA, no, no, I’m joking. [Laughs] I’m joking. I really do – let’s talk about you and your presentation, okay. Not so much what they should be looking for, but the thing that connects with me and resonates with me, one was, it was such – I mean, I was the only guy in the room. So to have someone that can be a little bit girly, be a little bit fun, be very interesting, very informative and go straight to the chase, I think you achieved that and that’s why I really enjoyed it.

8:54 Liza: Thank you. I appreciate that and for me, information is one thing, I want to make it practical, address the psychology side, the blockages, so that people can take action right away. So, I’m glad that you picked that up as well. So, Paul, thank you so much for taking the time and having this conversation. I know how busy you are. So I look forward to catching up with you soon and all the best with your business.

9:19 Paul: Thank you very much. See you, Liza.

9:20 Liza: Cheers!


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