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  • Educate audience on Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing
  • Ability to produce rapid digital content with simple framework
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  • Increase in sales

“The difference that I can see in my team, everybody just gained confidence to give something a go.” You gave us the absolute basics but it was the basics that could be applied straight away, immediately. Even during your presentation, I looked around the room and everyone was just like, we can do this.”

Gina Moore

Top Direct Sales Field Leader, Your Inspirations At Home


0:07 Liza: Well, Gina, thank you so much for taking the time and having this conversation with me. I guess, really sharing your experience in a keynote that I did recently.

0:17 Gina: Absolutely. It’s been amazing to learn from you and to have you share that knowledge with, not just me but my team that was there as well.

0:29 Liza: Awesome. Cool. Thanks. So, maybe we can get started with you sharing – tell me about the company that you’re with.

0:37 Gina: Yes, I’m with a company called Your Inspiration at Home. We’re a gourmet herbs and spice company and we basically help people to learn how to cook again, but cook with flavour, cook healthy. Our products are all 100% natural. We’ve won over 300 awards for that product so, and it’s fun.

I’m a mom with three children and my life revolves around actually having to cook, but now, you know, with our company, our product actually makes cooking fun. So that’s what we’re all about. It’s really awesome.

1:15 Liza: Cool. Awesome. So, what’s your involvement with the company?

1:20 Gina: I’m one of the top directors of the company. I work as a consultant as well because we still do our own sales and connect with our own customers, but my main role in the company now is to actually coach and train with all the top leaders and directors that I have in my organisation. And just everybody’s learning how to engage customers differently. We’re not just a party plan company anymore. It’s not just all a face to face business, being that we’re a food based business it’s still a very big part of our company is the face to face connection. But with the – I guess with the evolvement of the business we’re also very social networking related now as well. There’s lots of ways we can grow and expand our business.

2:16 Liza: Yes, and I know that your company has been going through massive growth. Hats off to you guys. You guys are definitely doing something right. [Laughs]

2:26 Gina: Yes, sometimes I go, “Oh my gosh, what just happened in the last 12 months?” because it is seriously, it’s literally just getting head on and we’re like a rocket ship. We’re just absolutely launching so fast and furious. After starting here in Australia and now expanding into six countries in that virtually just under six years, so yes, our growth has been phenomenal.

2:55 Liza: Awesome. Cool. So can you share how did we meet and what was the topic that we discussed.

3:05 Gina: Yes, absolutely. So I got to meet you lovely Liza at [laughter] our leaders convention – our top sales leaders convention this year. You came along as one of the guest speakers for our leaders convention and the knowledge that you left us with was phenomenal. Talking about maximising – obviously maximising the content, [laughs] which is perfect, but also how to be very effective with your social networking and your marketing of your product, of yourself as well through videos and sharing that in the social networking world.

3:48 Liza: Cool, thank you. Can you maybe tell me in terms of video marketing, social media, and to a certain extent the confidence of being in front of a video, how would describe or rate the people in your team in those area prior to the keynote?

4:10 Gina: Okay, so, as I said before, we’re evolving as a company. We’re still quite – although we’re starting to get very much into the whole social media side of things, the majority of our team, of our company was still learning this. So we’re still very young. We’re still very green and learning to live that. So having you come in and give us just the absolute basics of getting started was – it really took us from a place of where our team was wanting to know but not really sure where to go and to learn this information because we do need to do this. This is the way of the future. This is future of business marketing. And whilst there’s so much to learn about it, a lot of the consultants in this company were like, where do we go? Where do we get this information? So we were kind of hungry and ready but not quite sure where to go with it.

5:13 Liza: Yes, for sure. And as you said, with the growth of the organisation and also it is the trend where people are moving online, it’s about digital, knowing you need to do it but not knowing whether you’re doing the right thing, what was the impact of that?

5:33 Gina: Oh, look – Liza, like the other day when I spoke to you and said, “Oh, my goodness. The difference that I can see in my team, everybody just gained confidence to give something a go.” You gave us the absolute basics but it was the basics that could be applied straight away, immediately. So even during your presentation, I looked around the room and everyone was just like, we can do this. We can actually give this a go. Whereas before, it was talked about, the videos are great, but I’m not sure if I can actually stand in front of a camera or to do that, or how would I do that? I look terrible. I don’t know what to say. I’m going to forget my name. You gave us like the absolute, like, – here it is, step by step and then to watch everybody go and apply that and like the change that I’ve seen in people, the confidence that they’ve got now, it has just been an absolute godsend to have you give us a starting point and so I’m kind of hoping you’d come back and give us the next whammy of – right, now let’s take it to here! [laughter]

6:44 Liza: I’m so grateful that you shared with me the impact, especially the confidence level. When I gave the framework, yes, I want people to be able to take action and I want it to be simple. But to know that it actually helped them with the confidence side, to say yes I can be in front of the camera is something that I didn’t expect. So thanks for sharing that.

7:12 Gina: Yes, you’re welcome. Content was brilliant. It was great and it’s – sometimes we do need the information and we do need the guidance that way but a lot of the time, you’re talking about getting people to do something they’ve never done before, so it’s not always about content. It’s actually about the confidence and to go, “okay, I’ve only got three things that I need to remember, which is great.” So sometimes it’s the basics of what we need but then the confidence to actually be able to apply it straight away. So for you to give us the exercises that you did during that time and then to see the results of that, that’s probably been my biggest take away. It is not just information that we’ve listened to, we’ve taken notes on, and gone, ‘Oh that’s good I’ll try that one day.” It was actually, “Right, let’s all do it and let’s jump in and have a go.” And that is the best.

8:12 Liza: Awesome! After this keynote, what was the impact to your business?

8:18 Gina: Look, people are trying different ways now to actually promote their businesses and to make the sales because we’re still a sales base company. We have products that we need to sell. It’s given a lot of my team, yes, confidence to give it a go, but I’m seeing the results with the sales.

They’re trying not just the traditional way of putting our products in front of people with tastings, but they’re trying Facebook parties. They’re doing a lot of online sales. They’re doing a lot of promotion for their businesses that they’ve never done before through social media.

I’m seeing a lot more interest and what that has attracted is more people looking at our businesses, going, “Wow. That’s something I could do.” I don’t like getting in front of people and going out into people’s houses and doing tastings, but I could do a Facebook party or you know, I think I could sell through my website, basically just showcasing what I do every day in my house by cooking these meals and promoting that.

So I’m definitely seeing that. And I think that’s a long term thing. We’re going to see that more and more, but the immediate impact for me was definitely to see that people are trying the different ways to get out there now and promote their businesses and it’s working.

9:45 Liza: Awesome, great! To wrap up, for the people there watching this, marketing directors, general managers, looking for keynote speakers for their conference, as someone who is in the field, what recommendation can you give them in terms of what is useful for you guys, from the keynote?

10:13 Gina: From a perspective of having you come in and do this for any business out there that wants to grow and expand, evolve their business like we are, out of just, not just one particular way of doing the business but to look at social media, look at different ways of marketing the business and generating sales, because at the end of the day, it’s all about how do we build and grow the business. And it’s not just promotion of business. It’s got to be a tangible, yes, look, here’s the extra dollars that this has actually created.

I think for anyone that’s looking to get started and have you come and do the basics to get people going and then to have that follow through because you’ll be able to take them through so many different levels of growth using social media and your video, beautiful, beautiful videos. I love doing them. [Laughs]

I think any business out there and it doesn’t necessarily even have to be direct sales. I think any business that is looking at promoting their business in a new way, in a way that’s in the future business, because network marketing is not the be all and end all. This could be in traditional businesses as well if they want to get their face out there, their business seen in the social media scene, this is definitely something that you could help with in any way, shape or form. And I can’t wait for you to come back. [laughs]

11:45 Liza: Oh, you’re so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really appreciate it. Like I said last time when we had that brief conversation, I actually really felt impacted. I felt like, yes, I’m doing what I’m meant to do here.

12:02 Gina: Yes, absolutely.

12:03 Liza: Thank you for sharing.

12:04 Gina: You’ve got amazing skills and beautiful personality and you put that together and your passion for wanting to help people, Liza, it just shines. And that’s why we connect so well because we have some same passions there. So thank you so much.

12:17 Liza: My pleasure, thank you.


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