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0:07 Liza: Jeff. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing your experience in us working together.

0:13 You’re welcome.

0:14 Liza: Maybe we can start by sharing, who you are, what’s your company, what do you guys do, who do you serve.

0:23 Jeff: Who I am? You should know me by now, Liza. Come on [Laughs]

0:26 Liza: Yes, I do.

0:29 Jeff: Oh, but this is for people that don’t know me.

0:31 Liza: That’s right.

0:33 Jeff: Which should only be very few people, but for those people that don’t know who I am, my name is Jeff Yang. I’m the founder and director of a company called SocialGen. Basically, we help B2B organisations generate more business opportunities using professional social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

0:53 Liza: Awesome. Cool. Okay, so with the project that you and I worked on together, how did the project come about? What problem or issues were you trying to solve?

1:04 Jeff: The project came about through a client that we both know and he was sharing a video that you had created for him. I guess, the project that I asked you to help us with wasn’t so much to help us with the problem, it was more to help us create more opportunities, really.

We work with some pretty large IT vendors, global IT vendors, and what we are finding is that we were having the same conversations with different departments and different people.

When I look at those animated videos that you did for the other client, I thought – what a great way to actually communicate the message. It saves my time and breath and energy in having to repeat the same things over and over again.

That’s why we’ve got the animated video project under way with you. Again, not so much of a pain point or problem. We certainly weren’t having problems winning business but it was just to help us create more opportunities.

2:14 Liza: Yes. It sounds like it’s really to help you guys save time so that you’re not repeating yourself over and over again.

2:21 Jeff: Correct.

2:22 Liza: And I know that you guys are growing very rapidly and you’re bringing on sales people, not to mention those people got to memorise the whole spiel. Instead, they can just use the tool.

2:37 Jeff: Correct. It also makes things visual, that’s the other great thing about having the animated videos. It makes things visual so that they can follow the bouncing ball, whereas, online, we have a lot of meetings, a lot of conversations online and there’s only so much information you can communicate verbally. It’s so much more effective when you can backup what you say with imagery as well. That’s where video really help us out.

3:06 Liza: Awesome. Cool. Can you tell us about the solution or the service you’ve got from us? (Which you have already answered) [Laughs]

3:18 Jeff: Sure, so what Content Maximiser helped us out with was creating and pretty much managing the whole process around a 90 second animated video around one of our great case studies.

This particular video was more for internal communication. It’s a video that we use, not to use to the greater external marketplace. It was actually to use internally to different departments within the same company which was, I guess a very unique way to use the animated videos.

It has worked out really, really well and thanks to Liza and Content Maximiser, the whole process was pretty much managed for us. We just had to provide you guys with the information, just sort of approve the scripting and the messaging through the video, but the rest was pretty much all handled by you guys which is wonderful because my artistic skills are extremely poor and if it was my animated video it would just be a bunch of stick figures.

4:24 Liza: And I think what you touched on is quite valid. A lot of clients think that it’s going to consume a lot of their time in the process. In us working together, I guess your experience it wasn’t really that, was it?

4:43 Jeff: No, no. It was rather painless. And I know you personally and that’s pretty amazing that things were quite painless. [Laughter] That’s because you have a wonderful team behind you that does all these, Liza.

But, yes, the process was great. It was really easy. You really were able to understand what the objective was for the video. You were able to extract that information out of me as well, which is wonderful.

You sort of guided us through the process. Although the was suppose to be a 90 second video, I think it’s almost a two minute video now, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that it conveys the right message to the right people.

5:32 Liza: Okay, cool. Now that you have this video, can you share with me what’s the impact of that? How are you finding, actually, using it now?

5:39 Jeff: Yes, so we basically use our video more for the proposal phase. As I mentioned to you, one of our biggest clients is a global IT vendor and we are using this video to promote our achievements internationally to the international branches.

So as a result of the animated video, it’s helped us to score business in the Asia Pacific region. The case study, as you know, was one of the successes that we were able to generate here in Australia. But being able to encapsulate those successes in an animated video, we now take that to business units in Singapore, business units in Hong Kong, business units in the US.

So it’s really – as you said, it’s really saving us time. It’s saving us energy and it’s helping us create more opportunities within the same organisation but across different departments and regions.

6:42 Liza: So you are leveraged.

6:45 Jeff: Correct

6:44 Liza: Awesome. For people who are watching this video, who could be in a similar situation, who would want to grow faster, what would you recommend them?

6:55 Jeff: [Laughter]

6:57 Liza: Please tell them, Jeff.

7:01 Jeff: Well, you are being a fool if you don’t use Content Maximiser. [Laughter]

7:07 Liza: I thought you were going to say somewhere along the lines of using tools such as videos to leverage themselves, but since you’ve put it like that…

7:21 Jeff: Oh, look, at the end of the day, we’re a digital economy now. No one’s going to argue that. These days, people are going digital to consume and be educated so it’s just about putting the right information out on your digital channels. We are using digital to your advantage, right?

So, if you’re a business that communicates online or if you’re a business that has an international audience, or you’re looking to speak or engage in international audience, having digital content like animated videos actually does a lot of legwork for you. It will save you time. It will save you headaches because you’re saying the same thing to each client.

If you’ve got multiple sales people that might be saying different things to different people, having something like animated video will make sure that all of the key points are discussed and highlighted and talked about.

That’s one of the big advantages that we’ve seen from using it. So, yes, I guess in this day and age, if you’re not using digital forms of communication like videos and things like that, then you’re going to —  you’re just doing the old things the hard way, really.

8:40 Liza: Yes cool. Well, thank you so much for sharing your experience. and your thoughts about me as well. [Laughs]

8:48 Jeff: You’re welcome. I’m expecting a $50 – I’m expecting a red packet coming through the mail. [Laughter] No, just kidding. It was fantastic, Liza. It was really great and the videos are fantastic.

As you know, we were so impressed with our video that we’re now  introducing our own clients to you. They’re already happy with the videos that you’re producing as well.

Fantastic! Keep up the great work.

9:23 Liza: Thanks Jeff and all the best with your business.

9:25 Jeff: Thank you so much.

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