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About Tomorrow’s Youth:

Tomorrow’s Youth International is an organisation founded in 2001. They run Personal Development and Advanced Life-Skills seminars for teenagers and young adults aiming to improve the total well-being of the child.


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In terms of Content Maximiser and why I recommend them in terms of my experience, is that there was a very clear set of expectations set up front, there was a very clear justification of the price point and why there was value in there in terms of the IP to be created in that, and essentially what you’re doing is you’re paying to leverage off the success and ability onto someone who focuses and does it on a daily basis.

Brent William

Co-founder, Tomorrow's Youth International



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00:07 Liza: So Brent, thank you so much for doing this. I know you’ve really busy schedule, you’re expecting a new baby soon, so I really appreciate your time to share your experience.

00:17 Brent: I am most happy to do it.

00:20 Liza: Let’s get into it.

Can you tell me a bit about your company, who do you serve, what problem do you solve?

00:28 Brent: I run an interesting organization, it’s called Tomorrow’s Youth International. I founded it in 2001 and we run personal development and life skills progress for teenagers. So our clients are teenagers, but ultimately, our clients are mums.

What problem do we solve? We really empower teenagers with life skills not focused on their school. I suppose I problem solved this when parents don’t know what to do with their child – maybe they lack confidence, direction, self-esteem, maybe there’re some issues at school, with focus or misbehaviour – they come to us. Now, we’re not a company that necessarily serves that market but that we demographically attract. Ultimately we’re really for anyone with a heartbeat, who wants to have a great life. That’s really our market, and probably solved this really just to empower young people to live their dreams.

01:17 Liza: Fantastic! I love what you guys do so much that we get, I mean I got my stepdaughter to get involved with the program. It’s phenomenal.

01:27 Brent: Thank you. Thank you.

01:30 Liza: Can you share how did this project come about? What were you trying to achieve before that you may not be getting?

01:41 Brent: Yes. Having run this business now, this is the 16th year. I’ve been running the programs we do, Empower U is the name of the seminar that I run. The primary focus in terms of our marketing engine is that businesses evolve so much over the years. We’ve gone through around about 6 websites in 15 years just to keep up with current trends and be on, I suppose, on the cutting edge you could say and I suppose over that time as well the evolution of business is that I got clearer and clearer with my market.

I used to think it was teenagers, I used to think it was schools, and as I mentioned earlier, it’s mums. And with the changing technology and the time we’ve been running this business, so many people are online and mums are now online. Like my mum, who’s in her late 60’s, she’s got a smartphone now and she texts, and looks at videos, and click on links, and 5 years ago she’s like, “I don’t want touching this”. So my point is my market is now adapting to technology.

How this came about was really my frustration at my previous web designers, internet marketers. They delivered a good service but were just very tardy. They took 3 or 4 times longer than they said they were in terms of their project timeframe, was very poor with communication, and it was just getting frustrating. And what ended up happening because of all of that is just I started to not trying implementing ideas I had or “Wow! This is good. Let’s run with it,” because I didn’t have anyone who could implement it straight away, and it just got to a point where I felt I was losing sales. I felt that I won’t be reaching the potential it has that is clearly really important. It was just for failing.

03:31 Liza: That must be frustrating?

Maybe you can just share the solution that we worked together…

3:40 Brent: Well, it was more than I’ve anticipated. I think that when you have the right person for your business, they ask questions and provide solutions you may not have entertained or kind of let go. I’m not. I’m fortunate I’ve been exposed to a lot of really cool information with the work that I do and exposed to really talented people, and I suppose, sometimes, because you’re around all these people, you know you should be doing things that you don’t for whatever reason. And what Content Maximiser did was really revamped my website which, you know, I thought I had a good website. There were some things I was disappointed at as I mentioned. It’s just too tedious to get them changed, completely revamped it, and I have to say, I was blown away. I was always frustrated because it was like I could have this years ago. You know, I could have this things done years ago.

So the website was a big thing. I know websites can look pretty, but I feel like this is now a website that will convert and was very clear on information. Again, our market are mums. They’re not kids, not all of them I shouldn’t generalize, but a lot of mums are as savvy as the Gen Y’s. You know, I mean, Gen X is you’re talking about baby boomers. So to make a website that was really easy to understand, to navigate is great. And you know, we’re a  visual beings, so for us to be able to just put on a plethora of testimonials much like what we are doing right now, was very key and to have that done with ease and grace, as supposed to it being a tough process.

The second thing that was achieved through this was to work on our sales funnel. We have some great content but I don’t think it was sticking enough with our prospective clients. So what Content Maximiser did…it’s kinda weird speaking in third person to you but yeah [laughter]…what Content Maximiser did is ultimately look at how we could reput that between communicating our wonderful testimonial videos, our webinar, our brochure, and all the other things that we have that really communicate well the opportunity we are offering to parents and teenagers. It bridged a lot of gaps for us and, of course, revamping the webinar it’s probably the most important in terms of what I’ve achieved so far with Content Maximiser.

You really took what I thought was a good sales presentation and you really just took it to another level. You didn’t necessarily change a whole lot of things around but what you did change, I felt, was key. So I’m really excited to see how now we’ve got these webinars starting and I love, and I’ve really gone on there and seen one starting in 12 minutes, everything resets! I love it, I love it! It’s so great! I’m really excited to have that, and if I could just add as well, you know, I ran another company called Splash Property Group. It was a US buyers agency. So we were buying foreclosed homes, renovating them, renting them and reselling them to Australian investors, and this was in 2010 when the market crashed, the dollar was on par and I used a similar system for that business. We had an automated webinar that ran on a regular basis. It wasn’t as fancy as what we now have, which is great, but it was wonderful because what it did for us is it educated our clients before they called us, and that’s a wonderful thing – to kinda cut out all of the stuff that we would normally do via email and phone. If we could educate our clients and it will be automated then it means we could have time working on the business, not in it, which means we can focus on growth.

07:30 Liza: Yeah, thank you. I must say, I thoroughly love working on your project. It has been just so much fun working on that webinar deck, and it’s like, you know, what you guys do is how to make it pop. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable on our side as well.

So what was your experience with us working together?

07:53 Brent: It was great. I thought it was great. I had a high level of expectation based on our first meeting. I wasn’t skeptical, but my experience is a lot of people who are very good at the front end because that’s where you make your money. You make your money on the front end when people make their buying decision, and I find so often the follow-through service doesn’t reflect the commitments made upfront.

So while I believed in you and what you said, my past experiences also tell me otherwise. I think that what I loved about working with you was you were on time all the time, you were clear with communication, expectations were always managed, and managing expectations is such a crucial thing in business and in life…and in life. Managing expectations, that’s all about effective communication. I was very impressed. It was a service I hoped for and more.

09:01 Liza: Thank you. Thank you. So I guess to wrap up, having you dealt with so many different web companies, like you said, there’re 6 of them throughout your 15 years, there might be people watching this video that could be in the process of thinking about upgrading their website etc.,

What would be your recommendation for them in choosing a right digital marketing agency?

09:31 Brent: Great question. I think that very often, it was actually the first mentor of mine who you may have known of, and he said a quote, “Don’t major the minors.” And really what he’s referring to is sometimes people focus on the small things like saving 10 cents on a can of baked beans versus putting energy to make another 10 dollars an hour; just a different mentality.

And so what I would say to someone who’s thinking about it is we live in an age where this area of business is really of the most importance all right up there. Your web presence is your new business front and your shop front, so I think that it can be a temptation to go for the cheapest option because you don’t know what you’re doing. Almost like a mechanic, you don’t know what they’re doing under the hood necessarily but you just trusted them fixing your car.

And so what I would say is that, in terms of Content Maximiser and why I recommend them in terms of my experience, is that there was a very clear set of expectations set up front, there was a very clear justification of the price point and why there was value in there in terms of the IP to be created in that, and essentially what you’re doing is you’re paying to leverage of the success and ability of someone who focuses and does it on a daily basis. It’s not something that I wouldn’t have to know. I don’t need to know their works and understand the mechanics behind that. I don’t need to know how to do it. I don’t wanna learn how to it, I don’t have the head space for it or the passion for it.

So to have someone like Liza and Content Maximiser just takes care of it and I have trust in that. Again, my guard was up from the start just from the space of past experiences and post and pre-imposed side of service, but yeah look, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. I wouldn’t want to shoot a video like this if I didn’t feel 110 percent confident in what you do.

11:30 Liza: Awesome. Thank you so much, Brent. Really appreciate it and hey, I wish you all the best, all the success for Tomorrow’s Youth and Empower U and what you guys doing for teenagers.

11:42 Brent: Thank you very much, and we’ll share that success for your wonderful contribution to our business.

11:47 Liza: Cheers.

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