Essentials of Effective Remarketing for Direct Sales

Understanding what is effective Remarketing and how to utilise it is essential for networking companies, that is why in this episode we will talk about how to properly design and implement Remarketing funnels that efficiently enables network marketing companies to communicate, re-engage and build trust and relationships with previous website visitors, resulting in higher conversion and retention with customers and distributors.

Having first time visitors to your website can already be challenging. This is why it is important to bring them back repeatedly where possible. Remarketing or retargeting is a great way to achieve this. However, without appropriate framework and proper implementation, it is easy to make the same common mistakes many other marketers have committed.

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In this Episode: 01:36 – What exactly Is Remarketing or Retargeting? 02:45 – How do you actually set up Remarketing effectively? 05:03 – Designing your Remarketing Funnel 06:34 – Implementing your Remarketing Funnel on your website 07:08 – Designing your banners 07:34 – Track performance of your Remarketing campaign 09:25 – What Are some of the common mistakes that people are making? 12:00 – Focus and be clear with the goals of your Remarketing efforts


  Transcription: In this article we’re going to talk about Effective Remarketing for Network Marketing Companies. So first of all you want to know why you need to know this. Well, considering the 95% of the visitors in your website will be doing nothing and they leave your site, it is an excellent way for you to invite your visitors back to your site, to re-engage with you, and ideally to build rapport, to built trust, and then turn them into customers, then turn them into distributors, and maybe one day turn them into leaders? Remarketing is a really powerful way to build long term relationship with your prospects. It’s kind of like you go to a shop and you’re having a look around and then you leave. But imagine there’s a way that you can invite these people back to your shop again, and show them things that they showed interest in the past. Maybe you looked at a red dress or a black dress or a green tie, and you didn’t buy anything. But the shop has a way to go, hey, you were checking out this green tie and maybe you got distracted, we now got the green tie and the blue tie again, would you like to check it out? Like I said, it is a powerful way for you to re-engage prospects which once upon a time you wouldn’t have been able to do so.

What Exactly is Remarketing?

Well, remarketing can also be called a retargeting, so you see these 2 terms being used quite often in the internet marketing space. And it is basically displaying your advertising banners to visitors of your website and then they have left, and you are showing them these advertising banners on online properties that are not your website. So you can show them these banners in places such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,, you know, and other online properties with massive amount of traffic. So when these people go to all these other websites, that they will actually see your banners. So this is a really, really powerful way to market to your visitors and showing them your branding and your message when they’re not even on your property anymore.

How Do You Actually Do Remarketing Effectively?

So, how do you actually do remarketing effectively especially in the direct sales and network marketing space? Well, the first thing that you really need to do is actually design your funnel. We have seen companies where they do remarketing, they just drop a pixel, and then the banner start showing and they take people back to the home page. Well, that is not really an effective way to design your remarketing funnel. You got to think, okay, when someone has been to your website, depending on what page they have been to then the banners that you show up should be relevant, but then the next part that you need to think about is when people do click on these banners, which is what you want people to do because it’s not just a branding exercise, but it is a conversion exercise that when people click on this banners, where should they go? What action do you want people to take. So if I was to give you an example of a funnel that is specifically for the network marketing space is, let’s just say someone has been to your website and look at a product landing page, right? So they check out one of your products, you have vitamin or a machine, or a skin care product. And they’re looking at it and they haven’t done anything and then they left the site. Now understand that in the direct sales and network marketing space, very often it is your consultant, the distributors, your representative who shares the link with people, so they’re probably not going to buy from the site because they probably buy from your consultant or your representative. But what would make sense is after they have checked out your product and they leave the site, is that the banners that are showing and the message of these advertising banners could do with product stories and results that people are getting from that particular product.

Step One – Design Remarketing Funnel

And that when people click on the banner, so for example, you can have a copy on the banner, so if someone has look at, you know, just use weight loss for example because it is a very simple, common type of product to give examples to. But let’s just say if someone has checked out a weight loss product and then they see the banner start showing, and the banner could say, “See how Mary has achieved her weight goal, or wellness goal within 90 days.” And then you can click on the banner and it takes them to Mary’s testimonial page where there’s a video about Mary, her before-after photos, her story, the struggle that she experienced while she was trying so many other products that never achieve the results they try your product and she got the result that she hadn’t have, she has been able to maintain it, right? So this is an example of a remarketing funnel on what page has someone been to, which banner start showing when people click on it, what page does it go to, right? So that will be the step one of how do you do remarketing effectively, it is design your marketing funnel.

Step Two – Implementing your Remarketing Funnel Design on Your Website

Once that is designed and you’ve mapped that out is to start putting the remarketing code onto your website, because just when you, say for example platforms like Google, you need to have at least a hundred visitors or a hundred cookies has been dropped before the banners will start showing, so it doesn’t happen right away. So even while you’re designing the banners, etcetera, put the code so it can start collecting visitors, dropping cookies and building your remarketing leads.

Step Three – Design Your Banners

Then what you would do based on your funnel design is actually design your remarketing banners. Keeping in mind that with places like Google and Facebook, they all come in different dimensions so that when you design your banners, is that you want to design multiple versions of those banners so that it can fit into all the different dimensions that is available to you.

Step Four – Track Performance of Your Remarketing Campaign

And then finally what you want to do is you want to track and measure the success of your remarketing campaign. In our experience we have found that with remarketing, it is a really great way for branding because then you can have a lot of impressions so people can see your banners, and then even though the click through rate, the percentage is not very high, we actually found the conversion rate so the people who actually have clicked onto banners gone back to the site and the conversion is actually significantly higher, where for examples the website’s conversation say for an inquiry could be say 3%, the conversion rate from remarketing traffic could be like 30%. So we found that remarketing is a really great way for conversion, but what you need to do is you make sure that you need to track and measure it, so some of the things that you want to be doing is to make sure that you have your Google Analytics linked to your Google Adwords account. So that’s really important. You also want to make sure that you have set up goals so that you know what you’re measuring on Google Analytics so you’re not just measuring traffic, but you are measuring conversion as well and you can then link conversion specifically to different sources of traffic, in this case we’re talking about remarketing. Basically these are the 4 things that you want to do in terms of how to do remarketing, is to design your funnels, put the remarketing code onto your website, design your remarketing banners, and then track and measure.

What Are Some of the Mistakes That People Are Doing that is Making Remarketing Wrong?

Let me give you some examples of what are the mistakes that we see that people make when it comes to remarketing. One of them which I’ve already mentioned previously is with remarketing, they’re taking people back to your home page when people click on the banner. So going back to your home page it’s not relevant to the visitor based on what they have visited, so you should plan where people should be going to based on what pages they have visited originally. The other thing is to set timeframe for your remarketing pixel. With remarketing it can go up to half a year. But depending on the sell cycle of your business, maybe that’s not relevant to keep having your banner showing to those people for 6 months, maybe if you know that people tend to make decisions within 30 days then have your banner show within 30 days because you don’t want to annoy people. That’s the last thing that you want. You want your banners to be showing while it is relevant, but not to the point where it is annoying. The other thing that you want to do is you want to have different versions of your banners. The last thing you want is to have your banners all looking the same, and then you always only see the same banner showing up. You know, there’s a difference between doing remarketing like a pro compared to being a stalker. And when you have the same banner showing all the time for 6 months that’s stalking and that’s creepy, and you don’t want to do that. So having multiple versions of the banners, you know it’s kind of like FBI’s where they have got people everywhere tracking a suspect but the suspect have got no idea because they know how to do it discreetly and eloquently, and that’s something that you want to do as well. And like I said make sure that your funnel design is relevant, having the right message to your prospect depending on what they have found, what pages they have visited to your site. So that is also going to increase your user experience and also the conversion for your remarketing campaign.

Focus and be Clear with the Goals of Your Remarketing Efforts

The other thing to focus on with remarketing is to think about what you want to achieve with your remarketing campaign. Is it to convert? Is it to build trust? Is it to build credibility? Because very much in marketing and direct sales where this word of mouth, people referring people, the role of the company is to support your distributors and support your representatives by sharing information that build trust and credibility in the prospect’s eyes. So that should be something to be part of the focus when you’re designing a remarketing campaign.


To wrap it up what is the action steps? So my recommendation is to plan your first remarketing funnel if you haven’t started already. Start with something simple, and as you get more experience, getting more confidence, then you can start planning more sophisticated funnels. And when you do this and you start putting this together and you start seeing your banner showing, it’s going to be really exciting. So I will love to hear how you go with your remarketing campaign. If you got any questions, or you want us to help you with your remarketing, feel free to reach out. So I wish you all the success with your remarketing and, yeah, like I said if you’ve got any questions, feel free to reach out. Cheers.

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