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Trying to sell to a first time visitor of your website is like asking a girl to marry you on your first date. It probably is not going to happen.  


Just like a relationship, where you would go through a dating process to get to know each other better, to decide whether he or she is the right one, before you would make the commitment to take the relationship to the next level, it is exactly the same as your relationships with your prospects.  


At the early part of the sales cycle, where they are simply in the research phase, you need to give them something of value in exchange of their details, like their email address. Then you would need to court or nurture them by consistently being in touch and providing value until they are ready to make a purchase.


And ideally, when they are ready to buy, because you have been in touch, and you have been giving them useful information along the way, you would be their natural choice of supplier, and that they will buy from you.   This is what we call setting up a Lead Generation Funnel using Marketing Automation.  


In this service, we will design your whole sales funnel for you. We will help you create your “Sales Hook” such as a free ebook, or a free online course that your prospects can get by entering their contact details. We will professionally write your sale copy on your website and email sequence that gets people to take action.  


We have helped many clients to design and implement their lead generation funnel and have doubled and tripled their opt-in rates.


So if you are ready to bring your website to the next level, why not start with taking advantage of our Bonus Gift that worth $497. Simply enter your website address and contact details, and we will go through your website and send you a video with 3 ideas that you can implement right away that can help you increase your conversion.


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Liza's ideas were a bit out there I thought on some of the things because I’m a bit old school. But I’ve got to say until now, you’ve proven it. It’s been 10 folds increase for us.

Gary Cutcliffe

Managing Director, Kooler Ice

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We think our website is the best thing we've seen in our industry. It is exactly what we were looking for... for lead generation, for client acquisition, and also making the existing site a much more effective sales tool.

Robert Orrell
Managing Director, Brand Promotions
Content Maximiser is a very good team to work with, super-efficient, very effective and importantly easy to work with.

Vincent Lim
Managing Director, VTS Lawyers
We’ve got far too many leads. We’ve ran out of brochures and we’re happy to have that quality problem. So thank you, Liza, for you and your team for helping.

Ross Doyle
Managing Director, Coresco AG

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