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Hi this is Liza here at the YIAH Your Inspiration At Home Leadership Event 2016. Now, can I just get everyone to wave? Over here on that side. Yup. Great. Okay. So we have just finished the presentation talking about video marketing.

Why do you need to do this?

According to Cisco, 80% of consumer internet traffic will be video traffic by 2019. So it’s really important that you get on to it. Also, when you use videos it is so much more engaging. You can capture the excitement at a live events. You can capture emotions. So that is the reason why you want to get involve with video marketing.  

What is Video Marketing?

Well it’s just as simple as getting your smart phone out, taking it out and press record and off you go.

How do you structure your video content?

You simply follow the Rapid Content Framework which is the Why, What, How, What if and Action Steps. That is it. So simple.

What if you are shy and you don’t want to be in front of the camera?

Well, then you just have to get over it and just do it and practice makes perfect, right? But do make sure you brush hair before you get in front of the camera if you got hair that is.

The action step…

Is to start a video blog. I would love to see how you go with it. Hashtag me #ContentMaximiser and we will see how you go. Cheers!

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Jennifer Usher
Marketing and Communications Manager, Direct Selling Australia
Liza Choa is a skilled and focused marketing professional. She has significant experience as a field leader in network marketing, having risen to the top tier in her career as a Distributor.  Her ability to exceed expectations and drive her team with a sense of fun and purpose enabled her to qualify for every incentive trip whilst a Distributor.

She is a joy to work with and tireless in her endeavours to produce the best results in all aspects of her life.  She is an expert in digital marketing and social media with practical yet innovative ideas that can assist network marketing companies to improve their business.

Bernie Birch
Sales Manager, Asia Pacific, Reliv International
Liza, Congratulations and thank you for today’s presentation! You asked us if we were overwhelmed.

On the contrary, I was stimulated because you made a subject that many people have difficulty understanding sound so uncomplicated. Your octopus slide was the most helpful for me. I look forward to receiving a copy of the presentation so I can revisit some of the key points I know our paths will cross again in the near future Thanks again

Nigel Sinclair
Former Chairman, Direct Selling Association of Australia

Proud Supplier Member of 
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