Top 5 Elements of High Conversion Landing Pages

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Hi, Liza here from As I’m sitting here on the plane, waiting to take off and watching different planes landing, I thought I’d make a quick video on landing pages and the top five elements of high conversion landing pages.


So, first of all of, what is a landing page?

A landing page is the page that people goes to when they’re on your website and you have a very specific call to action, whether you want them to call you, whether you want them to subscribe their email address to download a free e-book, there’s a specific action you want them to take.


In the landing page, there is a very specific anatomy, a layout that can really improve conversion. Let’s talk about the five conversion elements on a successful landing page.


1. A Big Bold Headline

You want to have a nice, big, clear headline. It needs to catch people’s attention. It needs to focus on giving benefit to the person. So you want to make sure that the headline is really big and clear.


2. A Clear Sub-Headline

You want to have a sub-headline that supports the headline. The font can be a bit smaller than the headline, but you definitely want to have a sub-headline that supports the headline.


3. Have Bullet Points that List Benefits

You want to have bullet points listing the benefits, not the features, but the benefits of why people should take action. Whether it is to call you or to enter their email address. So, to make it really short and sweet, just list a few bullet points.


4. Use Testimonials To Provide Social Proof

Make sure to include testimonials in your landing page. What testimonials do is that it will add credibility and social proof to whatever you’re offering, so, make sure you have testimonials on the landing page.


5. Have BIG Call-To-Action Buttons on Your Landing Page

Finally, the Call to Action button needs to be nice, big and clear. Often we see websites that with very small buttons that say “download” or “click here”. Those are gone! You want to have nice, big Call to Action buttons that catches people’s eyes so that they are drawn to it and they are more likely to take action.

We found this awesome info-graphic from Quick Spout on The Anatomy of a Landing Page and we have included it on this blog post. So, if you look at the info-graphic, it gives you a really good idea of how a high conversing landing page should look like.

I hope you found this post useful and if you have any questions, feel free to type in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you at the next episode. This is Liza from


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